Hawley Woods Reflection 2 - Lauren Ellis Photography

A Walk in Hawley Woods

My cousin and I decided that we’d like to spend more time taking walks in the near future. Not only does it get us out of the house, it’s a great form of exercise. I’m going to bring my camera every place we go, and I hope to capture some great shots of the scenery we pass along the way. The beauty of doing this is that, even if we venture to the same places, it will always look different.

I focused on reflections when I went to Hawley Woods a few weeks ago. For both of the images featured here, the photographs have been flipped 180 degrees so that the reflection is on top. I hope that the water is even more still when we go walking there next time. I’d like to creat an image in which you can’t distinguish between reality and reflections.

Hawley Woods Reflection 1 - Lauren Ellis Photography

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