Virginia Waters Waterfall 2 - Lauren Ellis Photography

A Walk Around Virginia Waters

A while back I went for a walk in Virginia Waters with my sister and my cousin. None of us quite realised how large the lake was, and by the end of the circuit, we were all pretty tired.

However, I did manage to get a few good photos with my Canon 750D. It was the first time I’d attempted a slow shutter speed with the camera, and it wasn’t until a few months later that I realised the camera has its very own setting for this type of photography. Dumbo over here managed to do it on Manual mode. It was a bit tricky to say the least.

The header image to this post is probably one of my favourite images ever. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, which doesn’t happen very often. I’m not sure I’d be able to create the image again though, it’s definitely a one-off. Instead of a normal waterfall, there’s a fantasy waterfall. I like to think fairies might live there.

The image below is the same waterfall, just from a different angle. I like the contrast in this image, and it’s definitely more effective when black and white, rather than colour, or fantasy.

If you like my fantasy waterfall, it’s here on RedBubble, along with some of my other photographs. It’s on a variety of items that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Virginia Waters Waterfall - Lauren Ellis Photography

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