Bunny Rabbit Photoshoot #2

Alfie the Bunny Rabbit - Lauren Ellis Photograhy

Lottie the Bunny Rabbit - Lauren Ellis Photograhy

As I said in my last Bunny Photoshoot post, I managed to get my cousin’s two other rabbits into my studio. Since the last time, my studio has moved to my attic, so there was lots more room! Featured in the main image above is Alfie, and below is Lottie. Sadly, Lottie passed away a few weeks ago, but I’m glad I managed to get these images of her for my cousin to remember her by.

These two bunnies were very similar in the fact that they would run away as soon as you tried to touch them. I think Lottie was just a nervous rabbit, but Alfie is like a grumpy old man – he’d much rather be on his own. I can’t blame him, I’m not sure I’d like to be picked up every minute of the day.

Alfie very much reminds me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, and I absolutely love his black eyeliner. He’s my favourite bunny of my cousin’s, but don’t tell the others that!

Alfie and Lottie’s photographs are available for purchase on RedBubble. Find Alfie here, and Lottie here.

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