Combe Martin, Devon

Sunset Over Combe Martin - Lauren Ellis Photography

Stormy Sea 1 - Lauren Ellis PhotographyI have only ever been on holiday to Devon or Cornwall, and as a last minute thought, we booked a week in Devon. We stayed at a John Fowler caravan park in Combe Martin, and I was looking forward to the opportunity to take lots of photos.

As usual, the week that we chose to go on holiday, it rained pretty much every day, but it did give me the opportunity to take hundreds of photos at the little pirvate beach called Mermaid’s Cove. On the day I took my camera down there, the waves were quite violently crashing against the rocks, and it was beautiful.

Stormy Sea 2 - Lauren Ellis PhotographyThe image at the top of this post was taken as a quick test shot to get my settings right as the sun began to set, but it turned out to be the best photo I took that night. I haven’t edited the photo at all, and I love it.

I absolutely love going to the West Country, so I’m sure there will be plenty more posts about photos taken down there in the future.

Both of the black and white images are available to purchase on RedBubble here, and here. Enjoy!

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