Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox - Lauren Ellis Photography

I went for a walk in the woods behind my house with my mum a few weeks ago, and we bumped into this fox. We’d heard the cries of a baby animal across the brook, and we were worried that someone may have abandoned a puppy. We couldn’t cross the brook, and had no idea where the cries were coming from, so we headed back home.

The cries stopped before we moved off, and that’s when this fox loomed out of the greenery. That was when my mum and I came to the conclusion that the animal cries were this fox’s cubs, and she’d come back to comfort them.

This was the first time that I’d ever used a zoom lens, and I wasn’t prepared for how heavy it made my camera. My fox photo is slightly blurry, as I just couldn’t hold my camera up steady enough. I should have brought a tripod, but I wasn’t expecting to bump into a fox in the middle of the day.

I do hope that this fox is ok, as it shouldn’t have been out at midday, and there seems to be something wrong with its eyes. This photo isn’t the best quality, so it won’t be put on RedBubble, but there’s lots more on there for you to look at! Just click ‘Shop’ in the menu at the top of the page.

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