Walks in the Woods

Snow at the Brook

Snow at the Brook 2 -Lauren Ellis Photography

I apologise for how long it’s taken me to update my blog. I started a new job at the beginning of August last year, and I’ve found it extremely difficult to get out with my camera. However, I just couldn’t resist a walk in the woods once the snow had begun to fall.

I took these two photos in the same place that I usually go when I want to go for a short walk, and I was shocked by how beautiful it looked when covered in snow. The sun was just starting to set too, so the reflections on the water were a stunning orange colour.

I’ve been waiting for snow for such a long time, as it’s been a few years since we’ve had proper snow that settles. I really want to go out again to a pond close to where I live, but it’s so cold and there’s more heavy snow due today and tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to get stranded!

Snow at the Brook 1 -Lauren Ellis Photography

The photo above is one of my favourites from my walk on Tuesday. I just love the colours of the sky seeping through the branches of the trees. If I can, I’ll try and take a few more over the next few days. Maybe I can get a photo of a Robin again.

Both of these photos can be found in my shop on RedBubble here.

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Animal Photography · Walks in the Woods

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox - Lauren Ellis Photography

I went for a walk in the woods behind my house with my mum a few weeks ago, and we bumped into this fox. We’d heard the cries of a baby animal across the brook, and we were worried that someone may have abandoned a puppy. We couldn’t cross the brook, and had no idea where the cries were coming from, so we headed back home.

The cries stopped before we moved off, and that’s when this fox loomed out of the greenery. That was when my mum and I came to the conclusion that the animal cries were this fox’s cubs, and she’d come back to comfort them.

This was the first time that I’d ever used a zoom lens, and I wasn’t prepared for how heavy it made my camera. My fox photo is slightly blurry, as I just couldn’t hold my camera up steady enough. I should have brought a tripod, but I wasn’t expecting to bump into a fox in the middle of the day.

I do hope that this fox is ok, as it shouldn’t have been out at midday, and there seems to be something wrong with its eyes. This photo isn’t the best quality, so it won’t be put on RedBubble, but there’s lots more on there for you to look at! Just click ‘Shop’ in the menu at the top of the page.

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By the Sea

Combe Martin, Devon

Sunset Over Combe Martin - Lauren Ellis Photography

Stormy Sea 1 - Lauren Ellis PhotographyI have only ever been on holiday to Devon or Cornwall, and as a last minute thought, we booked a week in Devon. We stayed at a John Fowler caravan park in Combe Martin, and I was looking forward to the opportunity to take lots of photos.

As usual, the week that we chose to go on holiday, it rained pretty much every day, but it did give me the opportunity to take hundreds of photos at the little pirvate beach called Mermaid’s Cove. On the day I took my camera down there, the waves were quite violently crashing against the rocks, and it was beautiful.

Stormy Sea 2 - Lauren Ellis PhotographyThe image at the top of this post was taken as a quick test shot to get my settings right as the sun began to set, but it turned out to be the best photo I took that night. I haven’t edited the photo at all, and I love it.

I absolutely love going to the West Country, so I’m sure there will be plenty more posts about photos taken down there in the future.

Both of the black and white images are available to purchase on RedBubble here, and here. Enjoy!

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Animal Photography

Bunny Rabbit Photoshoot #2

Alfie the Bunny Rabbit - Lauren Ellis Photograhy

Lottie the Bunny Rabbit - Lauren Ellis Photograhy

As I said in my last Bunny Photoshoot post, I managed to get my cousin’s two other rabbits into my studio. Since the last time, my studio has moved to my attic, so there was lots more room! Featured in the main image above is Alfie, and below is Lottie. Sadly, Lottie passed away a few weeks ago, but I’m glad I managed to get these images of her for my cousin to remember her by.

These two bunnies were very similar in the fact that they would run away as soon as you tried to touch them. I think Lottie was just a nervous rabbit, but Alfie is like a grumpy old man – he’d much rather be on his own. I can’t blame him, I’m not sure I’d like to be picked up every minute of the day.

Alfie very much reminds me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, and I absolutely love his black eyeliner. He’s my favourite bunny of my cousin’s, but don’t tell the others that!

Alfie and Lottie’s photographs are available for purchase on RedBubble. Find Alfie here, and Lottie here.

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Baby Photography

Baby Aimee Photoshoot

1 Baby Aimee Photoshoot - Lauren Ellis PhotographyI wanted to try and venture into Baby photography, as babies are adorable, and don’t need much editing! There’s nothing I hate more than an extremely Photoshopped baby, so I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.

I don’t have my own studio, except for a little set-up in the attic that consists of a large piece of wood balanced on top of two stools, and a white projector screen backdrop. You also need to climb a steep ladder to get up there, and that’s not even close to being safe for a baby. For this reason, I chose to take photos at the baby’s house.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sort of Newborn photography that has emerged in the last few years, but it’s not something that I’d like to do myself. Placing babies in wooden buckets, and propping them up on objects isn’t for me. I decided to take a natural approach, photographing babies in an environment that they’re used to, with objects that they’ll touch and smell on a daily basis.

I contacted my cousin, and asked if I could take pictures of his 3 week old daughter, Aimee. Below is my cousin’s wife’s favourite, and my favourite photo from the shoot. They seemed to be very pleased with the result, and I really enjoyed my time working with them, and little Aimee. I hope to go back soon when Aimee is able to sit up and move around a bit more.

3 Baby Aimee Photoshoot - Lauren Ellis Photography


2 Baby Aimee Photoshoot - Lauren Ellis Photography

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Walks in the Woods

A Walk Around Virginia Waters

A while back I went for a walk in Virginia Waters with my sister and my cousin. None of us quite realised how large the lake was, and by the end of the circuit, we were all pretty tired.

However, I did manage to get a few good photos with my Canon 750D. It was the first time I’d attempted a slow shutter speed with the camera, and it wasn’t until a few months later that I realised the camera has its very own setting for this type of photography. Dumbo over here managed to do it on Manual mode. It was a bit tricky to say the least.

The header image to this post is probably one of my favourite images ever. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, which doesn’t happen very often. I’m not sure I’d be able to create the image again though, it’s definitely a one-off. Instead of a normal waterfall, there’s a fantasy waterfall. I like to think fairies might live there.

The image below is the same waterfall, just from a different angle. I like the contrast in this image, and it’s definitely more effective when black and white, rather than colour, or fantasy.

If you like my fantasy waterfall, it’s here on RedBubble, along with some of my other photographs. It’s on a variety of items that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Virginia Waters Waterfall - Lauren Ellis Photography

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Animal Photography

Bunny Rabbit Photoshoot

Evie the Bunny Rabbit - Lauren Ellis Photography

My cousin has four beautiful little bunny rabbits, and I wanted to get them round for a quick photoshoot. We only had Evie and Lillie for this shoot, as the others are a little more nervous, but I’ll get them soon!

Both of them were very well behaved, and I managed to get a few pictures of them that I absolutely love. One is to the right of Evie, and the other is the header image of Lillie.

Don’t you think they’re the cutest bunnies ever? Hopefully I’ll get the other two rabbits in my studio soon, and I’ll have more space this time to get some better pictures.

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As Seen In

My Photos Featured on RNIB Website

A few months ago I took some photos for Dotty Fish, an online baby shoe retailer, as they were going to be working with the RNIB on their ‘Wear dots… raise lots’ campaign. A few of the photos that I took are now featured on their website to showcase the baby shoes that are being sold in order to aid the campaign. Click on the RNIB link above to see the webpage.

RNIB Wear Dots.. Raise Lots with Dotty Fish - Lauren Ellis PhotographyRNIB are a great organisation that help those with loss of sight: ‘Together we make daily life better for people affected by sight loss, by being there when you need us.’ You can read more about them and the amazing work that they do here.

Dotty Fish is the company that I used to work for full time, before deciding that photography was the career path I really wanted to go down. Since I left my full time job in September, I have been working with them to update all of the images on their website. So far I’ve managed to take photographs of, and edit their wide range of soft leather shoes, and tag blankets. Take a look at their shop here, you might find something!

I’ll be working with them throughout the new year. There’s always a new shoe that needs to be designed (which I also help with), and photos to be taken.

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Walks in the Woods

A Walk in Hawley Woods

My cousin and I decided that we’d like to spend more time taking walks in the near future. Not only does it get us out of the house, it’s a great form of exercise. I’m going to bring my camera every place we go, and I hope to capture some great shots of the scenery we pass along the way. The beauty of doing this is that, even if we venture to the same places, it will always look different.

I focused on reflections when I went to Hawley Woods a few weeks ago. For both of the images featured here, the photographs have been flipped 180 degrees so that the reflection is on top. I hope that the water is even more still when we go walking there next time. I’d like to creat an image in which you can’t distinguish between reality and reflections.

Hawley Woods Reflection 1 - Lauren Ellis Photography

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